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Self Love. Authenticity.

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ShakoyahD. - Up To You (Official Lyric Video)
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My mission is to bring inspiration and light through self love, music, and authenticity.

I stand for self love through music and authenticity. I stand for finding healthy ways to heal from the inside out. I stand for finding your light inside of you and creating a safe space within. I stand for love and life. I stand for abundance and growing through the joys and pain. I stand for finding your tribe and for sharing your light with the world.

ShakoyahD. standing in front of a beautiful golden sunset while wearing a black mask.


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Our patreon is a safe space to break down the fabrics of life because everything isn’t always black and white. Each week, we talk about regular life from a creator's perspective. We share our points of view as we learn to adult while healing, unlearning, and detoxing. Our purpose is to create great vibes, great music, and great conversation. Join us live on The Grae Area podcast, "Love, The Creative Black Woman", and get a glimpse into our music, creative processes, and so much more.


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